Fancy a Malcolm Turnball? The best school election day cake stalls

Originally published on EducationHQ (July 4 2016)

While the election may be leaving a bad taste in some voters’ mouths, schools around Australia didn’t disappoint the crowds at polling booths on the weekend, serving up a selection of mouth-watering and politically savvy snacks.

At New South Wales school, Camdenville Public, popular treats included “Jacqui Lamingtons”, named for Independent senator Jacqui Lambie, and, of course, the very Prime Ministerial “Malcolm Turnballs”.

Perhaps inspired by the ABC’s Annabel Crabb and her “Flan for Jobs and Growth”, on Saturday Labor’s Anthony Albanese had a trademark line of cheesecakes to his name: the “Anthony Alba-cheesy” cakes.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale enjoyed an honourable mention in the “Richard Di Nutella” fudge and Labor polled especially high in the biscuit category. At Alexandria Park Community School, best sellers included the “Bill Shortbread” and “Tanya Pliberslice”.

Cakes named after pollies at our booth #auspol #ausvotes

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While the results of the election are still to be decided, these tasty treats were surely among the winners of the day.


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